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Lake Nona Lights started as an idea in late 2011.  Could two guys (Randy and Todd) who work in the finance department at Walt Disney World create a holiday light show that would rival the famous Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights?  Quickly, the answer was discovered.  No, they couldn’t.  But, could they come up with a fun holiday light show that would entertain people in the area.  Possibly.

So, the planning began.  First, they had to learn how all this stuff works.  They researched the equipment needed, and came up with a preliminary plan.  Then, they discovered new equipment that was cooler than they original equipment they studied.  So, they had to learn how the new stuff worked.  Then, a new plan.  Finally, in May, 2012, they began construction.

They built the first LED light square (which you see on the house, around the windows) with lightweight steel frames, and attached RBG LED light strips.  And it looked awesome.  Then, they had to figure out how to use the computer program to synchronize the lights.  

After many months of construction, wiring, soldering, building, duct taping, gluing and  sweating, they had all the elements ready.  They installed everything on the house over a very long weekend, and fired it up. 

And, that's how Lake Nona Lights was born.  People from all over Central Florida started talking about the display.  Families came out, and loved it.  Plus, we raised over $5,000 in donations for a local charity.  In 2012, the display was featured on Better Homes and Gardens syndicated "Better Show" as their favorite light display, in 2014 & 2015, it was chosen by the Orlando Sentinel as one of the best displays in Central Florida and in 2015 it was featured on News 13.

Each year, we try to "plus" the show a bit.  We add new songs, and more lighting effects.  But, we didn't want to just add a bunch of lighting to what we already have (aka "Griswolding").  Our goal is to keep the show fun, bright and tasteful.   

Email us at LakeNonaLights@gmail.com